Precision CNC Routing

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With industry-leading, flatbed CNC technology we are able to process orders more efficiently with higher cut speeds and a superior finish. We can process panel sizes up to, and including, 1550mm x 3050mm with a thickness range from 0.25mm to 30mm depending on material and availability. With CAD drawing capabilities and nesting software, we can ensure our clients the best possible sheet yield. We can integrate supplied files and also offer a contract cutting service.

We offer a variety of finishes direct from our CNC’s including general cutting/ trimming, drilling, rebating, v-grooving, bevelled edges, radiused edges, engraving, and lettering. With the 14 tools and 12 drill bits that our CNC equipment can hold on board at any one time, we have the ability to offer a variety of different cut styles without any loss of time changing over tooling.