Brief | Product Design | Prototyping & Visuals

We, at Creative Acrylic, regard this as the most crucial point in our design process, understanding your needs and requirements for your product. From here we will evaluate and recommend the most suitable material and plastic fabrication processes to achieve the desired result. In most cases we find a physical prototype to be the most practical, beneficial, and cost-effective way for client evaluation however, working drawings and renders are an alternative option.

Sheet Supply | Acrylic Rod & Tube Supply | Cut to Size

Full acrylic sheet supply and cut to size panels with a full range of plastic sheet available including:

Acrylic (Perspex, Plexiglass) | High Impact Acrylic | PET-G | Polycarbonate | Rigid PVC | Foam PVC (Palight, Signex) | ACM

HIPS/Styrene | Polypropylene | Cast Acrylic Rod | Extruded Acrylic Tube

All of the above can generally be supplied within 24 hours depending on sheet availability.

Cut to size panels processed on our CNC equipment can normally be supplied within 48 hours, depending on sheet availability and complexity of cutting.

Precision CNC Routing

With industry leading, flat bed CNC technology we are able to process orders more efficiently with higher cut speeds and a superior finish. We can process panel sizes up to, and including, 1550mm x 3050mm with a thickness range from 0.25mm to 30mm depending on material and availability. With CAD drawing capabilities and automatic nesting software we can ensure our clients the best possible sheet yield. We can integrate supplied files and also offer a contract cutting service.

We offer a variety of finishes direct from our CNC’s including general cutting/ trimming, drilling, rebating, v-grooving, bevelled edges, radiused edges, engraving and lettering. With the 14 tools and 12 drill-bits that our CNC equipment can hold on board at any one time, we have the ability to offer a variety of different cut styles without any loss of time changing over tooling. This is just the beginning of the plastic fabrication process.

Edge Work

With the superior finish obtained from our CNC equipment, we can ensure a clean and finely cut edge which simplifies the further plastic fabrication processes available. These include flame polishing of acrylic, deburring of other materials such as PET-G and ACM, which cannot be flame polished due to the nature of their composition.

Bending | Folding | Thermo-forming

Our forming process allows us the ability to perform multiple bends in one operation up to 2450mm in length, in a range of substrates. 

Gluing | Bonding | Plastic Welding | General Acrylic Fabrication

A specialised process to obtain maximum strength and clarity to various plastic substrates including Acrylic | PET-G | PVC | Polycarbonate and plastic welding of ACM


Product assembly, decal supply/application, print and packaging can all be catered for on most fabricated plastic or plain panels.

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