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SKU: CA-RiserSet/A

Product Risers are a simple, clean-cut, and cost-effective way of displaying a multitude of items.  Risers are fabricated in clear acrylic.  These units are a wonderful addition to our display cubes, combining these items creates a cost-effective, multi-level display. Our standard range of risers come as a set of four, one of each of the following sizes:

150mm W x 75mm H x 100mm D
175mm W x 100mm H x 100mm D
200mm W x 125mm H x 100mm D
225mm W x 150mm H x 100mm D


Universal Display Stands are such a vital display piece due to their versatility. The clean look of clear acrylic ensures the item is promoted in such a way that the product pops, and the stand simply fades into the background. We have two standard sizes available, custom options available on request and a MOQ applies.

Small Universal Display – 100mm W x 165mm H x 130mm D
Large Universal Display – 150mm W x 215mm H x 150mm D